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Fusing data and industry insight together into powerful intelligence that informs career eduction programs to advance the Los Angeles economy


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Who brings it all together?


A unique alliance between Los Angeles Basin’s business and education communities underpins the CCW infrastructure and forms the framework for an enduring collaborative.

Partners include the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and the Los Angeles/Orange County Center of Excellence for Labor Market Research.

Funding is provided through California’s Strong Workforce Program and represents a co-investment by 19 community colleges in the Los Angles/Orange County Regional Consortium.

At its core, CCW is tasked not only with number crunching, but with convening industry and educational partners to inform its findings. Industry councils provide perspectives on what is needed at the ground level.

  • The intelligence gathered is integrated into developing bold and far-reaching strategies to most effectively and efficiently equip workers in a rapidly evolving labor market.
  • This approach merges industry acumen with community college know-how to cultivate a robust and responsive talent development system in the greater Los Angeles area.
  • Industry insights and research are applied toward shaping curriculum and programs offered by training providers and community colleges to enhance the region’s economic vitality.

“We are in a profound period of change in terms of the shape of the labor market and the economy,” said Kish Rajan, one of CCW’s founders. “This economic imperative has propelled us to come together with renewed purpose and exigency to foster new workforce opportunities and enhance the region’s economy.”

Special Thanks To

California Community College Vice Chancellor Van Ton-Quinlivan
The Strong Workforce “Doing What Matters” Initiative

Partner Organizations

As grant-funded technical assistance providers, the seven Centers of Excellence across the state, located strategically to study the regional economies of California, support the community colleges by providing customized data on high growth, emerging, and economically-critical industries and occupations and their related workforce needs.

The Los Angeles/Orange County Regional Consortium (LAOCRC) provides local and regional decision makers with the increased capacity to measure regional progress toward goals of efficiency and effectiveness, while also improving their access to indicators that measure student/incumbent worker progress through the educational system.

The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce champions economic prosperity and quality of life for the Los Angeles region by being the voice of business, promoting collaboration and helping members grow.

The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) was founded in 1981 as a nonprofit, public-benefit organization to harness the power of private sector in collaboration with L.A. County, to guide economic development and create more widely shared prosperity. LAEDC collaborates with all stakeholders in the region including education, business, and government.